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OMIROS is a fair and transparent home search alternative, that bridges the gap between consumers and industry professionals.

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06 Feb 2021
The Home Search App That's About to Evolve the Industry
OMIRO's features are unlike anything the Real Estate industry has seen before.
04 Sep 2021
OMIROS, Protecting the MLS
The OMIROS app is committed to protecting the Multiple Listing Services, and their partner associations.
01 Oct 2021
You’ll Never Switch Between Apps Again
You’ll never have to switch between Yelp, Maps, or any other apps again!

Meet The Founder

Ashlyn made her mark in the Real Estate industry when she founded ARCHIVE HOMES, a Real Estate Brokerage created with the preface of evolving the antiquated practice of Real Estate. Now, with her extensive Real Estate experience and her innovative mind for technology, Ashlyn aims to transform one of the largest sectors of the U.S Economy with OMIROS. As a promising, young female entrepreneur in the tech space, Ashlyn’s vision is to improve an inefficient marketplace with innovative technology and create the path to a new era of Real Estate.

Meet The Founder

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